Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"1 Trillion Playbacks"

Mike Huckabee says that Mitt Romney will win the Iowa primary if the weather is nice on January 3rd. Meanwhile, up in heaven, God is preparing the world's largest thunderstorm.

Donald Trump says he is breaking with the Republican Party in order to make an independent run for President. Because if anybody has a chance to win, it's an independent candidate.

Robert De Niro has become a father at age 68. You can tell it was De Niro's kid because it already made a shitty movie with Ben Stiller.

A survey says that religious Americans are just as likely to incorporate technology into their lives as others. Are we forgetting that Amish is a religion?

A Vietnam store has made a Christmas tree completely out of cellphones. Well to be fair, they were cell phones from the 80s, so it only took six phones.

Justin Bieber surprised a friend with a brand new car for Christmas. The real surprise here is that Justin Bieber has friends.

Youtube says it has had more than 1 Trillion playbacks in 2011. Thanks a lot, Rebecca.

That's all I have for right now! My next post will be coming on New Year's Eve! I hope everybody had a great Christmas!

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