Thursday, December 31, 2009

"A Crazy 2009"

Joke of the Day: It has been a crazy 2009. There were several crazy news stories like Tiger Woods, balloon boy, and Jon and Kate. There was also a major increase in the number of people who use Facebook and Twitter, and a huge boost in the number of people who text message. Considering all of these things, I think we can say that 2009 was "the year of WTF!".

LeBron James and Tiger Woods both celebrated birthdays yesterday. Tiger spent his birthday doing god knows what, and LeBron was mad at God because he just HAD to have the same birthday as Tiger.

Rush Limbaugh was taken to a hospital on Wednesday in Hawaii while he was vacationing there. He almost died of shock when he heard that President Obama was planning to do the same thing he was for once.

It's almost the new year! It's hard to understand how we got to 2010 so fast, and it will be especially hard to understand since Dick Clark is the one who will tell me that it's the new year.

Many people are saying that the 2000's was "the rise of the reality show". In a related story, those same people are calling 2009 "the fall of the reality show".

Charlie Sheen and wife Brooke Mueller reportedly want to reconcile, but it may cost Charlie at least $1 million. Hey, it could have been worse for Charlie. At least he didn't have to pay an extra million bucks to keep any mistresses quiet.

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