Monday, November 1, 2010

"Stone Tools"

An 18-year-old US woman won the Miss World contest in Beijing, China. She had an amazing talent: being able to eat a cheeseburger without throwing it up.

California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman says that her former housekeeper should be deported. If she isn't deported, Whitman said that the housekeeper must suffer through watching campaign ads.

A New York judge says a four year old girl can be sued over a bicycle accident. They can be sued for the entire contents of their piggy banks.

Researchers have found stone tools dating back 75,000 years ago. They were first used when Larry King needed to build a new house.

A documentary about Justin Bieber will be in the theaters in February. And once it's out of theaters, Bieber will go where all the other talentless teenage heartthrobs go: the Disney Channel.

A study says that children in the U.S. watch an average of five hours of TV a day. Of the five hours, four hours and 50 minutes consists of negative campaign ads.

Facebook has spent $6,600 to fight the proposed Social Network Privacy Act. Do they realize how many FarmVille items they could have bought with that money?

A study says that pregnancy is less likely if the male partner is overweight. Mainly because women don't want to have sex with fat people.

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