Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Fatty Acids"

The American preacher who once threatened to burn the Koran was barred from entering Britain. No, it's not because of the Koran burnings, but it's because Britain found out that he brushes his teeth.

The GOP-controlled house voted to repeal the health care law that was signed last year. To celebrate, they had a tea party.

Researchers found a 9,400-year-old bone fragment from what they believe is the earliest known domesticated dog. This is the oldest dog in history, besides Hugh Hefner.

A study says that vitamin E and fatty acids may ease PMS. In a related story, men's purchases of vitamin E and fatty acids have risen 97%.

Chinese President Hu Jintao refused to respond to initial questions about human rights in a news conference at the White House, blaming technology and translation problems. This is due to the fact that China doesn't have a Chinese word for "human rights".

Hospitals across the country are trying to find ways to cut back on emergency room crowding. They are telling people to not get hurt.

Dick Cheney opened the door to tighter gun restrictions in a recent interview. That's like President Obama asking for a ban on smoking.

A government proposal is calling for nutritional labels to be put on alcoholic beverages. Isn't "contains alcohol" enough?

That's all I have for today! More tomorrow!

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