Saturday, January 15, 2011

"A State Of Confusion"

CBS says they have a “high level of concern” about Charlie Sheen. We all do, CBS.

A study says that talk therapy may improve long term depression. That is, until you get the bill for your visit to the psychiatrist.

A New York man has been arrested for threatening to kill financial regulators. He was arrested for trying to become an American hero.

A study says that popular sleeping drugs can leave the user in a state of confusion while stumbling and falling. You know, like Lindsay Lohan during a sobriety test.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says his two terms as California Governor may have cost him as much as $200 Million. And those were just for his teleprompter fees.

The producer of “American Idol” says the new show will be “like nothing you’ve ever seen”. Does that mean that the people who make it to Hollywood will be worse than the terrible auditions?

A Memphis high school reports 86 pregnant teenagers. Even more crazy, that school has only 84 girls.

That's all I have for today! Definitely more tomorrow!

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