Saturday, August 13, 2011

"The Most Hated Person"

9 Million people watched the season premiere of "Jersey Shore". My sympathies go out to them.

Five missing phone book distributors were found alive after disappearing in Mexico. This shows how far back Mexico is in the times; when they still use phone books.

Mexican military troops were allowed back into Mexico after they accidentally crossed the border into the US. That really says something about our border patrol, doesn't it?

A study says that genes play a big role in a person’s intelligence. This means that Bush Sr. was pretty stupid.

An Arizona man accidentally shot himself in the penis with his girlfriend’s small pink handgun. Let's see the cast of Jackass do that.

When playing basketball in England, Ron Artest will have World Peace on his jersey; it’s his new last name. You're asking for peace there? In England, you're more likely to find a dentist.

Sarah Palin's tour bus is in Iowa. As in, "Thanks to President Obama, Iowa lotta money to China".

Lopez Tonight is getting cancelled. What a shocker. Another Mexican out of work.

A poll says that the most hated person in America is Casey Anthony. I placed in between Michele Bachmann and the Sham-Wow guy.

Al Gore went on a rant about global warming skeptics. You could say he turned into a "hothead".

Sorry I couldn't post in a few days. Lightning struck my house and I was without internet since Monday. Don't worry, everybody's ok. Anyway, more coming soon!

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