Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Mid-Life Crisis Is A Myth"

Here are my jokes for January 28. Sorry they are so late AND so limited.

Scientists now say that the “mid-life crisis” is a myth. However, I was a little puzzled when I found out that all these scientists were all between 35-40 years old.

President Obama said that he wants a bipartisan government. I would compare our government today to an amputated bird: Neither of them can successfully because one wing is doing all the work.

A study says that drinking blueberry juice can improve a person's memory. There is a little catch though: You first have to remember what kind of juice to buy.

I'm really sorry that they are this limited, but my parents are kicking me off. I hate this, but I'm seriously being rushed. There will be SOOOOOOOOOOO many more jokes tomorrow.

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