Friday, December 3, 2010

"Amish Romance Novels"

Qatar has beaten the U.S., Australia, Japan and South Korea to host the 2022 World Cup.  That's like having The Situation audition for a Bowflex ad and they end up choosing me.

A New York Times article says that babies are being given exercises starting when they are born to help make them into athletes when they are older.  I was stunned when I heard this.  There are children exercising?

A study says that cheating and promiscuous behavior may be genetic.  In other words, marrying Brett Favre's children is risky.

President Obama said that LeBron James should expect a “brutal” reception on his return to Cleveland.  He's more hated in Cleveland than Mel Gibson is at a Hanukkah church service.

Amish romance novels are making it into the mainstream.  Wait, how do they get typed?

Former Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell will write a book sharing her frustrations.  Isn't that called a diary?

The federal government wants to cut obesity and smoking by the year 2020.  However, I am in favor of cutting obesity and smoking by right now.

A study says that pollution makes birds gay.  In fact, they are so gay, songbirds are now starting to sing Ricky Martin songs.

Johnson & Johnson have recalled 12 Million bottles of Mylanta.  Oh Mylanta!

That's all for today!  More tomorrow!

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