Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Acting Skills"

Casey Anthony will be released from prison on July 13. She is being released on accounts of previous time served, good behavior, and huge tits.

ABC Television says its soap opera “All My Children” may continue its storyline on the Internet. Considering the title, I hope Casey Anthony isn't scheduled for a cameo.

The U.N. says that going green will cost the world $76 Trillion over the next 40 years. And that's just in TV advertisements.

Photos of a Sinead O’Connor comeback concert have been released. Soon after that, she went on SNL and ripped them in half.

“Harry Potter” series star Tom Felton admits none of the cast were chosen for their acting skills. I think we figured that out after the second movie.

A juror in the Casey Anthony case says the jury was sick to their stomach with the verdict. And by "jury", they mean "world".

Experts say that Casey Anthony has become comfortable with lying. Mainly because it worked for her.

That's all I have for today! Sorry about all the Casey Anthony jokes. There's just a lot of material available in regards to that lying whore. Anyway, more tomorrow!

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