Sunday, July 10, 2011

"A Jail Visit"

A Phoenix suburb is experimenting with using dog poop as a power source. Of course, they're going to get it from the number one place that it exists: the bottoms of people's shoes.

LeBron James' popularity is at an all time low. To give you an idea of how low it is, even President Obama is laughing at him.

"Celebrity Rehab" star Kari Ann Peniche says she is pregnant and divorcing, with her husband claiming the child isn't his. This has "Maury Povich" written all over it.

Casey Anthony refused a jail visit from her mother. When Casey Anthony doesn't like you as a mother, you're probably doing something wrong.

Research says that people with wide faces are more likely to cheat and lie. And after years of watching Family Guy, they are more likely to want to achieve world domination.

The bikini has turned 65 years old. Hopefully the first one purchased isn't still in use by the same person.

A study says that schools that give report cards about kids' weight made no difference in the problem. In fact, the overweight boys have D's. Oh, and their report cards aren't so hot, either.

Albertson's grocery stores are doing away with their self checkout lines. This would be a bigger news story if they had more than four customers.

That's all I have for today! More tomorrow!

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