Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Environmental Literacy"

General Mills reported that its 4th quarter profits rose 51%. In other words, General Mills is a polar opposite of LeBron James.

June 30 is National Handshake Day. Or as people that meet Anthony Weiner call it, "Just Wave Hello Day".

Charlie Sheen says he took steroids for 6 or 8 weeks during the filming of the 1989 movie “Major League”. Seriously, what drug hasn't this guy taken?

Turtles crossing a runway at JFK International Airport in New York caused flight delays. Have you ever been on the runway at an airport? The airplanes ARE the turtles.

A man is blaming Jerry Seinfeld and the show “The Marriage Ref” for breaking up his marriage. I blame the man for taking advice from Jerry Seinfeld.

Maryland schools are adding environmental literacy to their graduation requirements. Environmental literacy; isn't that called "science class"?

Norma Lyon, the butter sculptor for Iowa State Fair, has died at age 81. She will be buried on the shelf of her refrigerator.

Chicago has adopted a new tourism slogan, “Second to none”. I think "Second to last" sounds more appropriate.

That's all I have for today! Well, this was my 400th post! Yay me! And personally, I think this was a good bunch of jokes for an anniversary post like this. Anyway, more tomorrow!

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