Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Eleven Members"

An over-exuberant author threw a copy of their book at President Obama during a recent campaign rally. He picked it up, and he read the title: "Going Rogue".

Teen idol Justin Bieber introduced his new line of nail polish. The name of the nail polish: "Coming out".

A new study found that spending too much time in front of the computer can be psychologically harmful to kids. This must explain me.

So far this season, eleven members of the Georgia Bulldogs football team have been arrested. Upon hearing the news, the Cincinnati Bengals have sent scouts.

The NFL is investigating allegations that Brett Favre sent racy images to a woman while playing for the NY Jets. And you thought the balls he dropped were ON the field.

A report says that college dropouts are costing U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars. Half of that money is going to children they have from one-night stands.

Wall Street is overwhelmingly supporting Republicans in the upcoming election. I wonder why...

The mid term Congressional elections are on track to be the costliest ever. Hey, let's use some of that money to help the national debt.

Researchers say that prehistoric fish had sex for fun. Hopefully there was a fish back then named "Maury".

Three economists are sharing the Nobel Prize for their theory about the job market. I could get the Nobel Prize for my two-word theory on the job market: It sucks.

A survey says 50% of Wall Street executives expect to receive a higher bonus than they did last year. Because if anybody needs a raise, it's those Wall Street executives.

That's all I have for today! More tomorrow!

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