Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"The First Female President"

A study says that drivers and cars are ill-equipped to cope with panic situations. The study has been entitled, "Road Rage".

During New Orleans’ parade honoring the Super Bowl champion Saints Tuesday, police were ordered to restrict the appearance of boobs. Police said, "Please don't flash your boobs at all. That's what Mardi Gras is for."

Rapper Lil Wayne had his sentencing in a weapons case postponed so he could get some dental work done. I'm not sure another grill qualifies as dental work.

A woman in Cuba claims to be the oldest person on earth at the age of 125. To which Larry King said, "Like hell you are".

A woman in Cuba claims to be the oldest person on earth at the age of 125. To me, this is a miracle. How did she survive through 50 years of Fidel Castro.

An Australian banker who became an internet sensation after he was caught on live television viewing images of a scantily clad supermodel on his computer will keep his job. You know what that's called here in America? Deal Or No Deal.

The man who stalked ESPN reporter Erin Andrews and shot nude videos of her through a hotel room peephole videotaped 16 other women. Suzy Kolber, Linda Cohn...

Laura Chinchilla of the centre-left National Liberation Party has been elected the first female President of Costa Rica. To which Costa Ricans said, "Oh great, now we are going to be run by a South American rabbit".

Thanks for reading everybody! More to come tomorrow.

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