Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Female-Only Toilets"

Toyota president Akio Toyoda testified before a Congressional committee on the recent troubles with the company’s cars. He also begged Congress to let him get a legal name change.

Carter’s, the baby apparel company, named a new board member, Wednesday. The company liked the success that he had at eTrade.

Starting next month, Japans All Nippon Airways will provide female-only toilets on most international flights. The main difference is that the seat puts itself down.

A new study finds that eating a lot of fat, especially the kind that's in cookies and pastries, can significantly raise the risk of stroke for women over 50. This study also suggested that Osama was behind 9/11 and that teenage pregnancy is up.

A study says that faces can give away a person's political party affiliation. For example, you can tell someone is Republican if their face has tears on it.

A study says that cigarette smokers have lower IQs than non-smokers. Their IQs are especially lower when it comes to the dangers of smoking.

R&B star Chris Brown doesn’t think anyone has the right to judge Tiger Woods. Who's going to defend him next? John Edwards?

Lindsay Lohan said that her love of women "surprised her". No, not that she loved women, but that anyone would love her back.

That's all I have for today, and I hope to have better jokes tomorrow!

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