Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Gigantic Home Run"

Capcom is planning to launch a Facebook game in October. It'll combine the elements of Capcom as well as the elements of Facebook games. They are calling it "Resident E-Ville".

Audi gave Tom Brady a new car after his recent crash. Because if anybody needs a car for free, it's the guy who just got a multimillion dollar contract to play in the NFL.

Judge Judy has knocked Oprah out of the top spot in daytime TV. And she didn't even take anybody to Australia.

Macy’s says that Madonna’s new line of clothes is a “Big, gigantic home run”. When she heard "Big, gigantic home run", Madonna said, "Oh, I'm done with A-Rod".

U.S. scientists have created robots that can not only lie and deceive other robots, but people as well. To make it go even a step further, they gave it the ability to sell insurance.

That's it for today! I couldn't find many news stories today, but I'll have more tomorrow!

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