Friday, March 11, 2011

"Airplane Restrooms"

Donald Trump says he is serious about a run for President in 2012. Hey, Sarah Palin may have a shot now.

A California home was found to have 110 cats living with the owners in a 900 square foot space. Middle-aged single women everywhere are thinking, "That's it?".

GM financial chief Chris Liddell has resigned after about a year on the job. The financial chief for GM was about as successful last year as the gas pedal inspector for Toyota.

The FAA says that emergency oxygen will no longer be available in airplane restrooms. It's alright; most people hold their breath in airplane restrooms anyway.

A study identifies the top ten habits that will kill a relationship. Number one: telling people you used to be on Two and a Half Men.

A Chicago marathon runner is training for a race later this month by eating all his meals at McDonald’s. He already has a spot on his mantle for his last place trophy.

Women who drink a daily dose of coffee have a lower risk of stroke. I guess Grandma is healthier than you thought.

Coffee prices are soaring as the climate in South America is warming and hurting crops. You know what Starbucks calls soaring coffee prices? Business as usual.

That's all I have for today! More tomorrow!

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