Friday, March 25, 2011

"Dark Chocolate"

China is pushing to ban indoor smoking in most places by May 1. The only place that allows indoor smoking will now be your grandparents' house.

According to the latest census statistics, one-sixth of all Americans is Hispanic. The other five don't live in Los Angeles.

Phillies right-hand pitcher Roy Oswalt said he felt good a day after being hit in the head by a line drive. But to be fair, he did announce in the locker room that he was the best pitcher named Roy in baseball.

Ralph Nader is calling for an end to athletic scholarships in college. And you thought he couldn't get anyone to vote for him before.

A man in China reportedly bought 6.5 tons of salt. To put that in perspective, 6.5 tons of salt accounts for one french fry at Wendy's.

A group of transgender New Yorkers are suing because they are being forced to change the gender on their birth certificate. I say that next to gender on their birth certificate, they put a question mark.

Authorities in Mali have arrested four people after an aircraft loaded with 10 tons of cocaine crashed in 2009. By force of habit, Paris Hilton said that she had 10 tons of chewing gum.

A Chinese news agency that more than 100 eastern Chinese villagers have suffered lead poisoning. Chinese officials are calling this horrible, while Americans call this a stereotype.

A new study says that children with Tourette syndrome have better motor control than kids who don't. How bad is it when a kid who twitches 24/7 has better motor control than you do?

A new study says that dark chocolate is good for your heart. You know what this means? If your girlfriend's head moves side to side when she talks, you are set for life.

That's all I have for right now! More later!

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