Thursday, March 3, 2011

"More Famous Than Obama"

Charlie Sheen wants to make a feature film. Too bad "Despicable Me" is already taken.

Supporting Charlie Sheen, Twilight’s Robert Pattinson said, “I like crazy people who don’t give a f*ck.” It looks like Moammar Qaddafi has a supporter.

Kim Kardashian released her first song. The strange part: Sir Mix A Lot wanted to be in it.

Charlie Sheen says he is “more famous than Obama”. I never thought I'd find the one person more hated by FOX News than President Obama.

A new translation of the Catholic Bible substitutes the phrase “young woman” for “virgin”. Then, the Catholics saw "16 and Pregnant" and said, "Uh, never mind".

A study says that men taking aspirin and other pain relievers are more prone to having sexual problems. Well that ought to take care of that headache.

Researchers say that a third of obese and half of overweight patients are never told they have a weight problem by their doctor. Is it that hard to determine by yourself?

The Brain Store, a retail outlet in Chicago, sells items to help people keep their brains sharp to ward off dementia. A place where people help you keep your brain sharp; isn't that called "school"?

That's all I have for today! More tomorrow!

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