Saturday, May 8, 2010

"11000 Miles Per Gallon"

Joke of the Day: The Social Security Administration says that Isabella is now the most popular name for girls, with Jacob still the top pick for boys. The least popular names: Jon and Kate.

Jessica Simpson says she is convinced she “can find love anywhere”. I'm sure there are a lot of guys that would love to prove that.

Yahoo says 48% of iPad users also own an iPhone. The other 52% of people are called "not spoiled rotten".

French environmentalists have developed a car that gets 11,000 miles per gallon. They are calling it "a bicycle".

A British mannequin manufacturer is being criticized for making their dummies too thin. Who knew Americans went clothes shopping in Britain?

A survey says that Americans over the age of 45 are having less sex. Thank God. At least this gets that creepy image out of my mind.

“Girls Gone Wild” is going to become a reality show on the HDNet network. This sounds like it would have fit better on MTV.

A poll says that Americans are no less worried about health care costs even after the passing of Health Care Reform. This poll was taken entirely by Republicans.

A study says that the best way to keep weight off is to lose it fast. Duh.

Congress wants to investigate the stock market plunge of 1,000 points in just minutes. The crash drove stock values almost as low as Obama's approval rating.

That's all for now! More tomorrow!

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