Monday, May 24, 2010

"The Youngest Climber Ever"

Joke of the Day: A government report says that one in eight public pools were shut down two years ago because of dirty water. In fact, they were so dirty that the pools considered relocating to the Gulf of Mexico.

Sarah Palin accused Pres. Obama of being in bed with the big oil companies. She also accused her daughter of being in bed with everybody.

A Massachusetts cleaning man was taken to the hospital after being sucked into a sausage-making machine. After the man was proven to be just fine, the hospital celebrated with a nice sausage barbecue.

A thirteen-year-old California boy became the youngest climber ever to reach the top of Mt. Everest. At least, that's what he told his parents.

Pres. Obama said that if LeBron James is looking for a new team, he would fit in well with Obama’s favorite Chicago Bulls. This is exactly like a bailout, but no money is involved.

A Virginia man has been sentenced to three months for disrupting an AirTran flight. The pilots were disappointed and called the man obnoxious, while the passengers called it, "The most pleasant AirTran flight in years".

The BP executive in charge of fighting the Gulf of Mexico oil spill said Monday his company knows people are frustrated by its failure to plug the well that has been gushing for more than a month. And yet, he hasn't done anything about it.

A judge on Monday ordered Lindsay Lohan to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet. How about a bracelet for all the other stuff she does?

A new study says that many girls are addicted to Facebook. The same study conducted that Tiger Woods was addicted to sex.

That's all for today! More tomorrow!

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