Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Spontaneously Gay"

Joke of the Day: White Castle has unveiled candles that smell like hamburgers. We already have a bigger version of those. It's called a barbecue grill.

A study shows that women with higher voices prefer men with deeper voices. Women everywhere are saying, "Well, I don't like the actors, I want to find out more about the guy who narrates the movie previews".

A Brazilian Archbishop says that teenagers are “spontaneously gay” and need guidance. When an archbishop says that, it raises some suspicion.

Kelly Clarkson has been ranked as the most successful “American Idol” contestant. Taylor Hicks did make a strong case for the top rank, but after his unsuccessful campaign, he went back to his job as a waiter.

CNN and CBS are reportedly in talks for a merger. Now, an episode of the Big Bang Theory will feature Larry King saying, "Yep, I was there".

A 19 year old used the alias “Barack Obama” in a failed attempt to hack into an ATM. What do President Obama and that ATM have in common? They didn't give change like they were supposed to.

Today is actor George Clooney’s 49th birthday. Cougars all over the world have started sending him birthday cards.

An Episcopal church in Massachusetts will launch a monthly worship service solely for dogs. The main problem with this will be when the pastor goes up to the podium and all the dogs start barking.

That's all for today! More tomorrow!

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