Friday, May 7, 2010

"Generous Maternity Leaves"

Joke of the Day: The birth control pill turns 50 this week. Those of you who chose not to use the pill, Happy Mother's Day!

Bristol Palin says she is on her own financially, receiving no help from her parents. Considering who her parents are, that's a really good idea.

A study says that children who sing while they clap have improved mental skills. The same study said that children who don't clap will become rappers.

A study says that cell phones raise teen night time driving risks. The same study says that cell phones raises any person anytime driving risks.

A study says that 41% of all births in the U.S. were to unmarried women, up from 28% in 1990. The other 59% have never had sexual relations with Tiger Woods.

Japanese game-maker Nintendo suffered its first drop in annual profit in six years. So there ARE Americans who are getting off the couch.

According to a new survey, Norway is the world’s best country for moms because women there are paid well, have easy access to contraception and have generous maternity leaves. If these are the conditions, I wouldn't be surprised if the US came in last.

Sunday is Mother's Day. Or, as Utah calls it, "Way too expensive".

A South Korean woman who earned a driver's license after 960 tries is ready to buy a car and get behind the wheel. That really says something when Asia calls you a bad driver.

That's all I have for today! Definitely more tomorrow!

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