Sunday, May 9, 2010

"More Likely To Snore"

Joke of the Day: The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Utah Jazz last night by a score of 111-110. Gosh, I haven't seen this many ones since the Russians were in the Olympics.

Obese children are much more likely to snore than normal weight children, a new study finds. And you thought that obese children were pigs before.

Tiger Woods withdrew from The Players Championship on Sunday with an injury that he fears might be a bulging disk in his upper back. He's also had to withdraw from some major tournaments when he had a bulging disk at his waist.

Oakland Athletics southpaw Dallas Braden pitched a perfect game against the Rays, who were victims of Mark Buehrle's perfect game last year. You know what the Rays and a video game nerd have in common? Neither one can get to first base.

Sorry, but those are the only jokes I have. I can't really do anything because my mouse is working like crap. Obviously more tomorrow!

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