Monday, May 3, 2010

"Toyota Express"

Joke of the Day: Jon Gosselin reportedly was offered a spot on the next season of “Dancing With the Stars". The offer was rebuked when ABC discovered that Jon Gosselin wasn't actually a star.

This is National Pet Week. Or, as Michael Vick calls it, "My Week Off".

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants to boycott Arizona for creating its offensive new immigration law. Believe me, I can't think of anyone better to boycott the immigration law than a guy named Antonio.

Cell phone sales have gone up 22% as the economy recovers. Apparently the auto industry is whipping itself back into shape as well.

One third of pet owning women say their pet is a better listener than their husband. The other two thirds of pet owning women own pets that are deaf.

Researchers say the iPad can cause insomnia. That's because iPad users are using their devices all night.

A study says that high speeds and sudden turns on roller coasters can cause hearing damage. The study was conducted at that unbelievably intense ride, "Toyota Express".

Former NFL running back Corey Dillon has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting his wife during an argument at their Southern California home. Dillon was then offered a contract by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Two of the oldest people in the world have died on the same day. The funerals will feature eulogies from their old babysitter, Larry King.

That's all for today! I have more coming tomorrow!

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